Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's a neck thing...

We are so excited to share a new yarn with you. Adrienne worked hard all week to knit up a sk of Island Yarn Combo Fibers in this simple to knit, fun to  wear, colorful moebius scarf.

Knit on a size 11 circular needle it is quick, easy and motivating to knit. This is one of those projects that is hard to put down- who doesn't want to see the next color and fiber change?  The pattern for this scarf is free when you purchase the yarn. Right now we have 11 sks left, each of which is unique. They won't last long and will make a very satisfying summer project.

Bright and ruffly(?) seem to be the next requirement for summer knitting.
The Kid Seta from Plymouth yarns suits this scarf style to perfection. Two sks and a size 7 needle combine to create a cloud like feeling around your neck. This yarn is available in the brightest of colors guaranteed to make the younger crowd happy!

As we turn the page to June don't forget to look at the class and workshop schedule.The log cabin class is on June 15 and drop in on Wed or Fri mornings from 10-12 start on June 12. Hope to see you knitting this summer. Have a happy cast on.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Spring is finally here and it makes me very happy.
I can't wait to sit on the deck with a glass of iced tea and my current knitting project. These longer days lift my spirits and make me feel like I can get a lot more knitting done. this, of course is simply wishful thinking. I am knitting as much as I can now anyway. The longer evening doesn't give me any more time, just more light! Oh well, I am still going to knit away, especially on those projects that I want to have finished for fall.
In the store we are preparing for those fall days. Each week I am visiting with another sales representative. There are some very interesting new yarns headed for our shelves in late August. That will be my tease for now. Let's enjoy the warmth while we have it and use this time to complete some of the projects you already have on the needles.
If you have a lot of leftovers, check out the 2 workshops that I scheduled for this summer. Log cabin afghans are fun and fast to make and will use up even the smallest amounts of unused yarn. The crochet hexagon will also be a great way to say goodbye to the bags of leftovers that you just can't part with.
Speaking of saying good-bye; we have to say it to Maryanne Clark. She is our Tuesday girl and has been an asset to Northampton Wools for many years. I will miss her very much and wish her much success in her new job. Maryanne will be in the store for the next 2 Tuesdays so please stop in and say good bye and good luck to her.

Starting May 20th and lasting until June 9th we are offering a 25% discount on Plymouth Yarns Baby Alpaca Grandiosa. One skein will make this great scarf, and the  pattern is free when you buy the yarn.
Try it on the next time you visit us and tell me what you think. I think it is going to be the IT scarf for quick gift knitting this holiday season.