Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Added to the shelves today- more Rios from Malbrigio. This is the yarn that Adrienne used to make the Honey Cowl. Wonder how long it will be here?
This just in---Rasta from Malbrigio Yarns. One sk makes a cowl and the colors make you drool!

Today's Knitting Story:
The Boyfriend Curse Reversed
One of my longtime students reported today that she went ahead and knit a small scarf for her son's girlfriend. This is not the girl for him, according to my student, but she decided to be loving and accepting as these two had been together for quite a while.
Project got finished, folded and packaged, ready to be presented the next time the son and girlfriend visit. Instead there is a phone call from the son saying that he broke up with this girl that very day!! Watch out you non-believers, you could get the curse of the boyfriend knitting without even being a boyfriend!.
Stay tuned for more stories form the knit shop.

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